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Ma Hastim National Movement

We are a national movement formed in order to create a progressive, wise and ethical process to create the conditions for the active participation of citizens in the establishment of social justice and national glory in Iran.

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دعوت جنبش ملی #ماهستیم از سیاستمداران و شخصیتهای برجسته جهان در حمایت همه جانبه برای هرچه بیشتر شنیده شدن صدای مظلومیت مردم ایران و سپاسگزاری و قدردانی از شخصیت های بین‌المللی که تا به امروز صدای مردم ایران شدند.

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to About

MaHastim Charter


We are here to draw a wise, moral and progressive future for our Iran


We are to get rid of superstitions and ignorance by using the rich Iranian culture


We are here to support public opinion and foreign governments in support of the rights of the oppressed people of Iran


We are to motivate, hope and confident Iranians inside and outside  Strengthen


We are with all Iranians to move towards social justice and the glory of Iran

Business Meeting

Organizational structure of the movement

 We are a national movement is a national cultural movement whose activity is to form a wise, ethical, patriotic, influential and powerful organization. 

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The Last Moment With Shahram Homayoun

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