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about us

We are a national movement formed in order to create a progressive, wise and ethical process to create the conditions for the active participation of citizens in the establishment of social justice and national glory in Iran.

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About the movement

The MAHASTIM national movement is a political and cultural movement that aims to protect the Iranian original values and keep the national identity alive under the tricolor flag of the lion and the sun, the symbol of our beloved land of Iran. This movement is founded on universal principles such as democracy and secularism (Separation of religion from the government) and considers the national identity and the original Iranian culture as the only weapon and the most effective tool in overthrowing the illegitimate regime of the Islamic Republic. This movement was founded in 1999, at the same time as the student protests, through the efforts of Shahram Homayoun (a prominent journalist and patriotic political activist and former director of Channel One TV) and has remained committed to save Iran and endeavor to overthrow the Islamic Republic and to create the conditions for free elections, after the fall of the Islamic Republic, in order to determine the type of the future government in Iran based on people’s will, as well as maintaining the unity and the territorial integrity of Iran and safeguarding the tricolor flag of the lion and the sun. The leadership council of the MAHASTIM national movement is composed of a council based inside the country and a council abroad. Shahram Homayoun is a member of the Movement Leadership Council and Engineer Khashayar Vakili is the Secretary-General of MAHASTIM National Movement.


• The beginning of the political struggle of the prominent journalist Mr. Shahram Homayoun in a regular and systematic way through the national media of Channel One and gaining popular support simultaneously with the student protests in 1378.

• We are the official establishment of the National Movement in 2008 by seven people (six in Iran and one abroad).

• We are the first demonstration organized by our national movement in Tehran, in May 2008 to protest the UAE's false claim about the Persian Gulf.

• Calling and holding demonstrations in different cities of Iran, including Mashhad, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Karaj and Tehran in 1378 and 1388.

• The action of bread Thursdays in Iran and the gathering of people in bakeries in 2009.

• Raising more than 140 tricolor lion and sun flags in different parts and cities of Iran.

• Holding various protest actions abroad and distributing ten thousand sun sword flags and sending them to other countries.

• Holding the largest conference of lion and sun flag lovers and supporters of our national movement in New York City, USA in 2010.

• Holding the fourth protest rally in front of the United Nations for four consecutive years, as well as in the Iranian Nowruz ceremony and parade in New York City, USA.

• Holding a massive protest rally in Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain in 2014.

• Holding a protest rally in Washington, DC, USA in 2016.

• Hold a protest rally in Toronto, Canada with the participation of more than 200 people in 2016.

• Holding a protest conference in Ontario, Canada in 2017.

• Holding a protest rally in New York City, USA in protest of the spiritual journey in 2018.

• Holding three great and proud conferences in Egypt to honor the position and character of the late Shah Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in July 2017, 2018, and 2019 with the participation of Queen Farah Pahlavi in the great conference of our national movement in Cairo, Egypt in 2019 AD with the participation of nearly three hundred guests.

Participated in the Great Iranian Parade in New York City, USA in April 2010.

Social and satellite presence:

• Broadcast a television program on the network 24 hours a day via satellite for full coverage inside Iran.

Get to know our team

Shahram Homayoun

Shahram Homayoun, journalist, producer, television programmer, political activist, and founder and creator of the Mahstim National Movement

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